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Spider sandal style in one of Kino’s most unique styles. Two straps come over the top of the foot in an X shape with one of the two straps being sliced into thinner strands which then go between each toe creating the look of a spider web in a way, hence the name the Spider sandal. Another leather strap comes around the heel for added support. Using only the softest grade of premium natural leather, the spider style is comfortable durable unique and stylish. Triple glued assembled 100% by hand, finished with the KINO logo heat pressed in gold leaf.

-            Triple glue process

-            Non marking natural Rubber sole and heel

-            Handmade construction

-            Classic straight stitch around whole foot bed

-            Foam filled foot bed

-             Premium natural Leather uppers for durability

-             Proudly made in the USA for over 50 years

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The One and Only Original Sandal Built in Key West.
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Kino Sandals offer over 17 different styles using natural leather uppers and natural rubber soles. They are all hand cut, assembled, and glued in our traditional sandal factory since 1966. It is Located in Kino Plaza at the corner of Greene and Fitzpatrick Streets in Key West Florida.

If you are in Key West, please feel free to visit and watch as our sandals are made.

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